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Thin Sizing for the Perfect Grip!

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FiberSport Glass poles are made to accommodate vaulters who have problems timing on their vaulting pole.

OUR NEW INVENTION is the introduction of a pole that will bend adequately at any given point within the grip area.

Designed to be easy to bend yet weight-rated to lift your hips more efficiently than other brands. We recommend you contact a FiberSport Specialist to get the right fitting.

  • Thin Sizing for the Perfect Grip
  • Our Poles Are Durable! We use a proprietary Compaction System to eliminate air voids commonly found in the pole-making business in the past.  Optional one-year prorated limited warranty.  (Vaulting poles can break if abused; care is still required to allow them to last.)
  • Premium, Long-lasting, Attractive Brand label that is UV Proof, Chemical Proof, & Tear Resistant. So you can enjoy our brand poles longer, making them more valuable over time!
  • All poles fit with the most durable pole tip on the market. The BlueCAM Vaulting Pole Tip. The only pole tip that reduces stress on the vaulter’s back at the plant.

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NOTE: There is a single shipping fee per order of $250 on vaulting pole and/or crossbar purchases. This fee applies to each shipment, not the number of items you purchased.

We suggest you contact a stocking Dealer close to you to get the best service and shipping rates!

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10'8", 11'6"


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